Earning Structure

1. Registration is free.
– contact admin at unitysmartplan@gmail.com if you are joining
without a referral.

2. After registration, purchase Level 1 at USD 3.00. We prefer Paypal as payment mode.

3. Get your 3 mandatory referrals. They will do same as you. You will earn USD 9.00.

4. Upgrade to Level 2 at USD 5.00, Balance USD 4.00 remain as your income.

5. Once you earned USD 45.00, Upgrade to Level 3 at USD 30.00, Balance USD 15.00 remain as your income.

6. Once you earned USD 810.00, Upgrade to Level 4 at USD 500.00, Balance USD 310.00 remain as your income.

7. Once you earned USD 40,500.00, Upgrade to Level 5 at USD 1000.00, Balance USD 39,500.00 remain as your income.

8. Once you earned USD 243,000.00, you are out of the system. Your earning is yours and may contact admin for other higher earning platforms. Good Luck.