How to Start

Step 1.
Create Your Own Account

To create an account, Click Register New User.

Update all the details in the given Form. If you registering without a Sponsor, kindly email to admin at to get your Sponsor Name.

There is no charges for registering in to our earning platform.

This Procedure Is Easy And There Are No Annual Or Monthly Payments For Your Individual Account.

Step 2.
Investment Plan

Everyone Loves Earning, Although His Or Her Knowledge And Previous Experience with Network Marketing or without are Welcomed. The Earning Plan is very easy to understand. But Before Joining Us, Please Familiarize Yourself With Our Plan And get register to start.
Our investment plan only cost you USD 3.00 one time only.
You may contact our admins for more information about Earning through our Platform.

Step 3.
Earnings Structure.

Your earning commence only when you start purchasing your Level 1.
a. Purchase Level 1 at USD 3.00. We prefer Paypal as payment mode.

b.. Get your 3 mandatory referrals. They will do same as you. You will earn USD 9.00.

c. Upgrade to Level 2 at USD 5.00, Balance USD 4.00 remain as your income.

d. Once you earned USD 45.00, Upgrade to Level 3 at USD 30.00, Balance USD 15.00 remain as your income.

e. Once you earned USD 810.00, Upgrade to Level 4 at USD 500.00, Balance USD 310.00 remain as your income.

f. Once you earned USD 40,500.00, Upgrade to Level 5 at USD 1000.00, Balance USD 39,500.00 remain as your income.

g. Once you earned USD 243,000.00, you are out of the system. Your earning is yours and may contact admin for other higher earning platforms. Good Luck.

Step 4.

Your Earnings will directly sent to your Paypal account Once a member paid and upon clearance by Paypal. We are NOT responsible for any charges charged by Paypal. Take NOTE We will impose Admin fee of USD 5.00 for each withdrawal above USD 50.00. This to cover expenses and maintenance of the platform.